Why What’s On?

by richard August 01, 2018

The Golden Valley is a truly remarkable area, with its rolling hills, fields and communities nestling in
between. The communities may seem quiet at first glance, and then you begin to explore, and see
the range of social activities going on. There is so much thought and effort going in to them, from
Farmer’s Markets and quiz nights to craft events and breakfasts.

However, one element that I have begun to appreciate is that it seems to be difficult keeping track
of what is going on from one parish to the next. Earlier this year, I attended the Palm Sunday service
at one parish, where a real-life donkey was involved. During the notices, I heard ‘a reminder’ about
the breakfast being run in the nearby village hall the following Saturday. I made a mental note to
put it in the diary. That particular event was mentioned in the parish magazine, but the numbers
attending did not do justice to the efforts of the organisers, and many who could have attended
were blissfully unaware of it.

A flower festival which benefited from very colourful posters on the busy A465 was busy. A nearby
craft event, more tucked away, seemed to need to work harder to attract visitors, again not
reflecting the efforts of the organisers.

We can hand out fliers to promote events, but it is easy to lose them, and I find that unless I put an
event in my e-diary, it is easy to forget.

I have subscribed to some e-news bulletins from organisations I support. They remind me by e-mail
of what is going on. This is not intrusive; I can recall the message when I need to, and the delete
button is there when needed. Wouldn’t it be great to do this for the whole of the Golden Valley?
You tell me what is going on, and I’ll share it with the readership. We’ll also explore the champion
businesses around us, and pre-view and re-view events.

It’s Your Golden Valley. Let’s make it even better!.

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