What’s On GV 20th August 18

by richard August 22, 2018

The highlight from the weekend, for me, was the Longtown Country Show.  A great event!  The ‘tossing the bale’ was a very engaging way to conclude a full afternoon.  August is progressing rapidly to the bank holiday weekend.  On Saturday, we have the fourth and final organ performance at Dore Abbey.  The main event on Bank Holiday Monday that has passed by the office is a morning musical workshop at Grosmont, and then an evening concert.

September will soon be upon us.  H-ART is a major feature for this month, and I am particularly looking forward to visiting the exhibition at Kilpeck.  Methinks other events will soon follow.  Please do share yours with me.

Next week, I’ll be looking at the various Flicks in the Sticks events planned for the autumn.  Til then…

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