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by richard October 17, 2018


17th October 2018

What a weekend, and indeed, what a week. Ten days ago, I was at the Thruxton and District Ploughing and Produce Show.  This is the first time I have been to the annual event, even though I have lived in the area for nine years.  Getting my hands on the programme a week before the event helped, thanks to Committee Chairman Russell Pugh, of Three Horseshoes fame really helped.  Russell strategically placed copies of the programme at the Farmers’ Market at Vowchurch.

The event was really good.  There is something earthy about watching farmers, connected to the land, handing a tractor, some of them pre-war vintages, others so new the paintwork is still clean, as they work the land.  The real disappointment was that overnight rain had turned the venue in to a quagmire.  I’ll be reviewing the event separately.  I had planned to enter the photographic contest.  However, the images needed to be mounted, and I soon discovered that my skills lie with the lens, not the crafting skills of mounting.  Let’s just say that I’ll be better prepared next year.

This past week was busy for me, and so I missed the Quiz and Curry evening in Ewyas Harold.  Hope it was a good event.  The full list of events for the rest of the month is in the online calendar, and events for November are coming in.  My main focus for the next few days is the Filling Station on Thursday evening at 7.30 at Allensmore Village Hall, and Messy Church in Clehonger on 29th October, 2.30-4.30.  I am involved with both and value the spiritual contribution they provide.

I have also been advised that the People and Planet ground meet on Tuesday evening in Ewyas Harold.  I already have two events to juggle that evening.  I think this will be a busy week!

Til next time.

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