What’s On Golden Valley 28th August 18

by richard August 28, 2018

I trust that you have had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend. I went camping, and decided to bring the event to an early conclusion on Sunday. The tent was packed away before the deluge arrived.

Hopefully, the summer hasn’t ended yet; there is talk of another warm spell. However, events seem to be taking on an autumnal feel. Peterchurch is busy, with a felting event on Thursday morning at the Hub, organised by CLAN CIC, and The Woo Town Hillbillies are in town on Saturday evening, from
7.30 at the Village Hall.

Contact Christine on 01981 550589 to book your ticket. Advance tickets cost just a fiver and include food. Sounds a great evening.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, Eaton Bishop host the first Farmer’s Market of the month. Busy day.

I’ll be reviewing Peterchurch events for next week.

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