What’s On Golden Valley 19th November 2018

by richard November 26, 2018

The weather seems to be about to take a cool turn, but one rather expects in mid-November.  Yesterday, the Memorial Hall in Ewyas Harold hosted the first County Fayre, promoting local village halls and other facilities.  I look forward to catching up with some of those present in the coming days.

There is a wonderful rhythm to life here in the Golden Valley, with the Vowchurch Farmers’ Market on Saturday, 10-12.  Then, later in the day, Kilpeck Village Hall hosts the latest Quiz evening.  Normally, those taking part bring their own food.  However, I am assured that for the Quiz and Curry evening, guests will be served the finest cuisine.  The chef is getting ready as I type.

On Sunday, we have Café Church at Ewyas Harold Baptist Church, and next Monday, the last Messy Church of the year.  A busy weekend, methinks!

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