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by richard December 03, 2018

What a week Herefordshire Tree Week was!  Talks, a guided walk in Breinton on the route of the proposed new bypass and Friday looking at fruit trees. Given the weather, I was pleased that the Breinton Walk was on Tuesday morning, and we managed to avoid Storm Diana.  In the office on Wednesday, I was pleased not to be out walking around trees!  There was, inevitably, discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of the proposed bypass.  However, something else struck me. We passed an orchard planted by a previous generation of the Bulmer’s family and managed on organic principles.  Apparently, it is being subject to research exploring how the biodiversity differs compared to a conventional orchard.  Interesting.  I also managed to get a different view of an oak with a cavity.

Saturday saw the Christmas Farmers’ Market at Eaton Bishop.  This is traditionally well attended and with a really good array of stalls.  It didn’t disappoint.  I am pleased that Grosmont is having their quarterly market on 15th December.  I haven’t been to this before, should be good.  And this coming Saturday is the Winter Fayre at Hereford Town Hall, hosted by the Steiner Academy, Hereford.  Should be good.

Tonight, the Longtown & District Historical Society hosts 

MALCOLM WATKINS : “BOIL A MOUSE IN URINE”                                                

Caring for infants in the days of the Tudors and Stuarts

Mr Watkins, an archaeologist, was Cultural Manager for Gloucester for thirty-three years.  He was responsible for the archaeology of the city and its museum service.

Longtown Village Hall


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Til next week.  Enjoy

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