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by richard March 06, 2019

As I write this, we have just had the coldest night of the winter, and I am very pleased to be working indoors today!  It certainly feels like being a day to sit by the fireside rather than being outside.  Dormancy feels appealing!  In fact, regular readers may have spotted that there was only one edition of What’s On for January, as so few activities were happening.  However, the community of the Golden Valley and surrounding area is coming to life again.

For those of you receiving this for the first time, then welcome!  I am Mark Chester and I live in the Golden Valley.  I edited a parish magazine and realised that so much is happening didn’t get in due to limited space.  Also so much was going on beyond the parish that we didn’t get to hear about and it could be challenging promoting local events to the wider audience.  So I came up with the idea of sharing events on-line via www.whatsongoldenvalley.co.uk and a weekly e-news.  I do hope you enjoy it.  This week has two main events, one on Monday and the other on Saturday.  Next week is looking much busier.

Most of the events are local, but sometimes, I spot something a little further afield that may be of interest, such as the Hay Festival.

With this in mind, there is a Hay Jazz concert at St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s Road, Hay-on-Wye, 2nd February, 7.30-9.30, with Mike Piggott and Martin Litton. 07748 652194 hayjazz.org

On Monday 4th February, Longtown and District Historic Society host their next meeting, looking at the work of Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford 1275-1282.

Storytelling at Garway Communtity Centre HR2 8RQ, Saturday 9th February 2–4pm.  Listen and share.

FLICKS IN THE STICKS GARWAY, UNDER THE TREE (15) Tuesday February 12th, 7.30pm

 In the new Garway Hall, £5.00


Ewyas Harold U3A meeting on Wednesday February 13th at 2pm at The Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall.

Caldicot Male Voice Choir, Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall, Saturday 16th February, 7pm.  Tickets £12.

The next L&DHS meeting is on Monday 4th February in Longtown Village Hall:

Dr Ian Bass: Miracles in the Marches: St Thomas Cantilupe of Hereford

Cantilupe was Bishop of Hereford from 1275-1282. Many miracles were attributed to him and he was canonised in 1320. Mr Bass is completing a PhD in Manchester and he has written a number of articles on the church in Herefordshire. Cantilupe was also Provincial Grand Master of the Knights Templar, one of the subjects of Professor Helen Nicholson’s talk on 4 March.

Free to members (full year £10, half-year £5)  Non-members £3. All welcome.

Storytelling at Garway Communtity Centre HR2 8RQ, Saturday 9th February 2–4pm


Storytellers and listeners will meet in February and share stories from all round

the world. Funny, sad even heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories,but all

told to be heard. Please come along and discover for yourselves, the wonder of

storytelling. Alison and I will be here to give encouragement to anyone who

wants to try and tell a story.

Adults £2, Children £1. For details phone Austin 01600 750243

FLICKS IN THE STICKS GARWAY, UNDER THE TREE (15) Tuesday February 12th, 7.30pm

 In the new Garway Hall, £5.00.

Film director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson has said that the idea for his film UNDER THE TREE came from Iceland’s high level of “neighbour-rage” which shows that even the supposedly fourth happiest country in the world has its own simmering tensions. Baldwin and Inge’s neighbours complain that a tree in their garden is casting a shadow on their sun-deck. This trivial complaint results in a series of petty crimes committed by each household against the other – car tyres are slashed, gardens are sabotaged, a cat goes missing, and on it goes… Until ordinary folk find themselves going from unglued to unhinged. Sigurðsson has created a brilliant set of characters – not people you’d like to meet, but people who are wickedly funny to watch, particularly when pitted against each other. They’re intelligently portrayed, with serious issues in both families’ pasts spurring them on psychologically towards the increasingly bad decisions they all make. This is like a Coen Brothers film (think Fargo), imbued with Viking DNA and Nordic Noir. And, like Rams, the other Sigurosson film we’ve shown in Flicks, it features the best Fair Isle jumper and some really nice Nordic kitchen cabinets. Oh – and chain saws… Black comedy from the land of fiery geysers. As usual, the Flicks team will be on hand with an array of delicious cakes, coffee and tea – and it’s a great way to catch up with neighbours, (although hopefully not in an Icelandic way).

See also www.facebook.com/GarwayFlicks  and www.garwayhall.org

Ewyas Harold U3A meeting on Wednesday February 13th at 2pm at The

 Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall.

‘War Diary – the story of a WW1 soldier’ by Mike Watkins.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Lynne Potter

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