What’s On 10th September 2018

by richard September 10, 2018

H.Art launched this last weekend, and I was able to get to several events, including one combining art with bacon butties at the Memorial Hall in Ewyas Harold. There was a delightful range of hand crafted items being presented, and it was a challenge which to choose first. In my case, the bacon butties were an early winner. I did get some post cards and other goodies. I was very impressed with the overal standard.


I got to visit the studios of Julian , who offers both paintings and furniture, with an individual touch. He has used the surroundings of the Ewyas Harold Common for inspirartion with paintings, and even on a damp Saturday in September, the view is pretty fantastic. Sadly, no bacon butties on offer here.


There are some great community groups here in the Golden Valley, something I appreciated when I was editing the Good News and received regular updates on the meetings. Being part of H-Art carries both the benefit of county-wide promotion and some costs of association. For the Kilpeck Art Club, budgets determined that they would simply offer an exhbition at the same time as H-Art. I am no art critic, but I appreciate the work of several of the contributors. It is a shame that they couldn’t be part of H-Art, but when one factors in hiring a venue and presenting the work of those painting for the pleasure of it, it I understandable. It is also great to see Kilpeck Village Hall being used for an array of events.


It is also good to see a number of fund-raising events, including quizez and bingo in Ewyas Harold. The local community is vibrant, and there is an energy to get activities up and running.


At the end of the month, Ewyas Harold Baptist Church will be hosting their quarterly outdoor church (Saturday 29th September). I am pleased that a change to diary commitments means that I can get there. It is aimed at the younger generation, but I like to think that I am young at heart and qualify! I recall the first Outdoor Church I attended, at the Ewyas Harold Recreation Ground. We were exploring the aquatic life in the brook, and were given a list of various bugs that could be found on a healthy stream. There were points for the various ones depending on rariety. I was delighted to get a good sample, and watched as my score rose. Then I realised that the others in the group were just having fun paddling! Well, I enjoyed it.




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